Why the Profit Mechanics System

is your Perfect Choice

You and I know that if you are looking to become a Business Coach, there are many options open to you.

Of course, you could set something up yourself or even purchase a franchise.
Here is how and why we are different, and why you might choose to use our system instead.

The Profit Mechanics system is essentially like a Business Coaching system in a box. You get everything you need to start and run your coaching business successfully, using a reliable and proven system.

This is a license to use our system. Unlike many franchises, there are no hefty fees – You can choose to pay just 8 x monthly payments of $1395, which includes GST.  If you want to receive a discount, you can opt for one single payment of $9995 which also includes GST, saving $1165.00.
You make more profit - There are no additional monthly or annual ongoing fees.
To be fair to you, you keep all the profit from your clients.
You are not restricted to a small territory. You can trade anywhere in Australia.
You will have access to videos, audios, notes, templates, and mind maps for coaching your clients. This includes updates as they become available. Having this adds value and enables you to prepare sessions much faster and more easily.
You can download all the content to your hard drive so that it is more convenient for you.
We launched this in Australia in 2010, so it is tried, tested and proven in the real world. No dry theory or textbook waffle!
You will be working on Zoom. This means that you will be able to offer clients a recording of each session at no cost to you.

You can work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. There are no hassles with traffic, parking or wasted time.
 You will receive individual mentoring and training yourself. Typically, for one hour per week by Zoom for 2 months. This is included and means that you can learn what works and what doesn’t. It also means that you have someone to keep you accountable, so that you can stay focused and achieve more.

You can achieve a high income, work-life balance, and assist others by becoming a Business Coach using our system.

If you would like to see if this is a good fit for you, then there are two choices.

1. Book a free, confidential, 15-minute chat by phone and let’s look at where you are now and what you are looking for. We can see if and how our system might work for you.

2. Schedule a complimentary and confidential 60-minute Zoom call with us. You will also see the complete system and how leads are generated, as well as what you will receive as part of the training.

There are only a few spots left. Click on one of the buttons to see the available times and dates on the online calendar.