How to become a Business Coach in 2024 

Are you fed up with working long hours, feeling unappreciated and just want your life back? Let me show you how to carve a new career, earn $150,000+ per year as a high-performing Business Coach and have time for fun and family!

Isn’t it awful when someone gives their best years to the corporate world only to be overworked, taken for granted and never having the work-life balance they crave?

Remember when you started the role, the excitement, the challenge and goals you set for yourself? Now, it's like a distant memory, fading fast, and let's not even talk about the frustration and restlessness that creeps in, day after day.

But here's the kicker – it doesn't stop there. As each day passes, the stress of the work takes its toll.

It’s like the get-up-and-go seems to have just gone.

So what is the solution?


With your own business working as a Business Coach you can have:

A great work-life balance. Working only 15-20 hours per week.

A 6-figure income.

Plus you are helping others too.

Not only that, but because you would be mainly working on Zoom, you can work from almost anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

Does this sound good?

So what is the next step?

Simply click the button below and let's have a quick 15-minute chat. We can explore where you are now, what you are looking for and see if this would be a good fit.